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Since 2002, the SUNZEN has focussed on collecting and selling traditional Chinese furniture, paintings, and other forms of fine Chinese artistry.

The Sunzen Story

Promoting chinese
traditional art and culture

SUNZEN was founded on 2002 in coastal region of China to promote traditional culture and artwork around the world. Based on the old Chinese philosophy and value of “humble and honest for three generations”, SUNZEN’s goal is to create a permanent community focussed on the promotion and growth of traditional Chinese art.

Original Sunzen gallery in Qingdao, China

Original Sunzen gallery in Qingdao, China


The history of Sunzen. 18 years of promoting Chinese art and culture.

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SUNZEN founded in Qingdao, China


SUNZEN’s exclusive collection of paintings and calligraphy is formed.


SUNZEN begins to manufacture their own traditional Chinese rosewood furniture.


SUNZEN opens their first international gallery in Vancouver, Canada.

Sunzen is vancouver’s preeminent gallery of fine chinese art.
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Cultivating an
artistic community

We welcome all who have
a passion for artistry

From large display to small plant exhibitions, SUNZEN has created a collaborative international community where people to share their passion for art with collections attracting people from all over the world to visit the home of SUNZEN in China.

We are excited to extend our passion for artistry to vancouver and introduce a new audience about the deep cultural heritage of chinese art, tea, furniture and ceramics and more.

The First Collection in Canada

The first international sunzen luxury art platform has come to vancouver

To further promote great Chinese art and cultural artifact collecting, SUNZEN in Vancouver will be home to a unique collection of traditional Chinese furniture, calligraphy, paintings, Pu'er tea and authentic tea sets, as well as a future collection contemporary art.

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420 Howe St, Vancouver, BC

Monday – Friday: 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM | Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM | 604-265-6677

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