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The Origins of Chinese Furniture

The various forms of Chinese furniture we see today date back to approximately 1000 BC, and their construction is most commonly based on frame and panel, yoke and rack, and often various forms of bamboo construction. Evolving independently from western styles and forms, typical furniture for the home developed along very similar functions and forms including tables, stools, chairs, cupboards, cabinets and beds.


The Chinese Aesthetic

Today, what we consider the ‘Chinese Aesthetic’ is first seen between 1500–1000 BC in the artwork from that period that depicts elevated floors accompanied by low tables and seating. During this time period, Chinese furniture was already in an advanced stage of development and is shown with intricate engravings, adornments, and select painted pieces.

What we regard as more modern Chinese furniture derived its distinguishing characterises from this early stage of development, which was further catalyzed by limitations on trade that lasted to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Sunzen Furniture

SUNZEN began designing and creating their first pieces of redwood Chinese furniture in 2010. Focussed on creating pieces that echo the classic Qing style, we have also broadened our collection to include forms classic Chinese furniture and select pieces that integrated influences from some western styles.

The Sunzen
Furniture Collection



Featuring a select collection of stools and tables from various periods, the gallery’s collection of furniture reflects the traditional craftsmanship and authentic materials that this art form is renowned for.

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Dalbergia louvelii hard wood Qing-style furniture table with two chairs

This product is a classic of Qing-style furniture, and features large size, rough materials, and smooth and powerful lines. The headrest, set in a reasonable angle, takes on the form of a scroll; the backrest is embossed with happiness pattern, an auspicious omen. The curling grass pattern embossed on the leg-connection plates of the chair and tea table, flower frame carved on the backrest and armrest, and the inward horseshoe design on the legs increase the generosity and elegance of the product.

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